"I am extremely proud to be working with Rui and ATFA. The working relationship with Rui and myself has been second to none and the well being it has brought to the junior ranks of Coolum FC has been brilliant. The academy provides our juniors with the highest level of technical coaching and has brought even more juniors to our club which already boasts very high numbers. Coolum FC is the official base for ATFA on the Sunshine Coast and may I say personally I feel privileged to be working with Rui and hope we continue our relationship long into the future."

Justin Gerbic : President Coolum FC

"I wish to commend you for the positive impact you have had on my son Max and the other young footballers in your program, some of whom I coach at a club level. The advanced principles and technical direction that you have provided to them over the course of the last 12 months has enabled them all to take their football to another level. Joga Bonito you call it. The Brazilian way.

Your enthusiasm and passion for the game clearly inspires each and every-one, none more so than Max who hangs off your every word. The fact that a considerable number of ‘your’ footballers form the basis of the regions representative football teams is a ringing endorsement of your program and one that must bring you much joy. Once again, well done."

Simon Adey

"Dear Football Enthusiast, This letter is to express to you my thoughts and experiences on the ATFA Football Academy. I have been involved with football for 40 years on all levels in Sydney and Queensland. My 11 year old son ( Sam ) and I were introduced to ATFA in 2008 and I believe this academy to be one of the best and most professional courses run by Rui Spinola.

The format of this course teaches and encourages personal skills and is complimented with one on one and game situations. Rui has a wonderful ability to demonstrate, communicate and bring out the best in every individual. My sons confidence and game has improved dramatically since starting ATFA and he enjoys and looks forward to every session.

I highly recommend ATFA to any player who is serious about improving their football game."

Matthew Renkovetsky : Under 12 Division 1 Maroochydore Coach.

"For any parent to bring there son or daughter to ATFA, would be the best footballing decision they would ever make. The enthusiasm, knowledge and standard of training Rui brings to each session is the best I have seen anywhere."

Vaughn Scriggins

"Since joining the Academy, Jeda's ball handling skills, knowledge and understanding of the game have excelled, and is far beyond that of his peers. ATFA 's comprehensive training program has made it possible for Jeda to participate in his chosen sport, at the highest competitive level, and I attribute his success entirely to your communication skills, experienced training techniques, and passion for the game . Jeda will take these newly honed skills into the coming league season, and looks forward to continuing his training & development with the ATFA program."

Noah Hutchison

"Cameron has been involved with Rui's Coaching Programs for the past 18 months. He has thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this fantastic academy on the Sunshine Coast for junior players. From trialing out to be part of a squad, to going to Sao Paulo Football Academy in Brazil. He has met some extremely talented youngsters, big name stars and coaches from the world of football. Cameron's skill set, discipline and confidence both on and off the playing field has greatly improved since being involved with the ATFA Program here on the Sunshine Coast."

From Lynne and George Nairn. (And Cam)

"ATFA has been a turning point for my son. Running out of skills to compete in the competitive competition, ATFA has given him skills well beyond the other players. Other parents have seen him jump up several levels over the summer workshop and money has been well spent on reigniting his passion for football. Rui is not just a coach, his is a mentor and we have been so grateful to have him in our sons life."

Hayley Green - CFC mum

"Having coached juniors and seniors for over 20 years it wasn’t until my own child reached representative levels from district to state that you see the individual and technical ability of the players at these levels set them apart from club footballers. And when you talk to other parents you find most of the players have been exposed to intensive development programmes.

Players who have been exposed to a very high standard of coaching (ATFA) fit right in with representative requirements. ATFA expands on other programmes by making junior footballers more aware of not only when and where to use the skills, but how they work in a team environment.

Not all junior players are lucky or fortunate enough to be exposed to coaching of this standard, but those that have been are at an advantage as they have a higher technical and individual skill set and are better prepared to go to the next level."

Andy Glackin

"Todays football stars need to be not only great athletes but also possess a high level of technical ability, I was impressed with ATFA and Rui’s attitude towards his students and professional style of training right from the start. I have three children and they all enjoy ATFA, their speed and football technical ability has improved remarkably and all have been selected for representative level football teams. The training is fun and all the moves they have learnt are practical in the game.

I would recommend ATFA to anyone who is serious about giving their children the best training and chance to excel in football."

Geoff Hunter

"My son Beau has been training with Rui for a number of years now and in that time I have seen amazing growth in both his technical and tactical skills. Rui has encouraged Beau to train hard and really become passionate about football. ATFA has played an important role in the development of Beau’s skills and his ability to play with confidence and composure as a Sunshine Coast Representative."

Louize Lyle


"ATFA has provided my son, Connor with the skills, confidence and determination to pursue his dreams of playing professional football.  Rui's enthusiastic and professional style of coaching has encouraged Connor to believe in himself and his ability.  As a parent I feel privileged that Connor has been chosen to be part of such a fun and elite football academy.  Keep up the excellent work!"

Gabrielle Zwaan-Ward

“Having migrated from the UK where football is the national sport, I was very disappointed at the lack of football coaching and standard on the coast. As soon as I heard from my local club that a new football technical coaching academy was commencing, I immediately enrolled my son and daughter onto it.

I have been extremely pleased with the way the coaching is run by Rui and the content within the ATFA program. The kids have benefited greatly and always enjoy the sessions and they have a great respect for Rui and respond well to his teaching methods. Their ball and technical skills have improved tremendously. I would have no hesitation in recommending any child onto this extremely well run program."

Jill Taft

"ATFA has really improved my ability to play Football. I feel the Academy has improved my technique and positional play. My parents, family, friends and especially myself have seen an enormous improvement in my game. From when I started the academy I was playing in local teams in the Churches League. Now I represent the Sunshine Coast and really enjoying the game. Rui has defiantly helped me play the sport I love, Football!"

Tosh Togatia

James loves your training sessions and really looks forward to them, never missing one unless sick or injured. The trip you organised for the kids to spend two weeks training at Sao Paulo FC in Brazil was just awesome and I know James will cherish that for the rest of his life. Keep up the great work Rui, you are doing a wonderful job with the kids and I know James looks forward to many more training sessions under you expert guidance."

Steve Enticknap